Skin Care Travel Essentials Our Team Can’t Live Without

Need to pare down your skin care routine for easier travel?

There’s something about summer that gives you wanderlust.

Whether you want to stroll through an old European city’s gorgeous architecture, sail through the Caribbean on a cruise line without a care in the world, or fly across the globe to discover a new adventure, we know you want your skin to look and feel great throughout your trip. I bet we also know what you don’t want – to feel like you have NO SPACE to pack your skin care products and makeup in your bags without feeling overwhelmed. So what’re the travel essentials that are actually worth sacrificing a little bit of your precious luggage space for?

When dealing with carry-ons or limited packing space for your trip, it’s a good idea to pack skin care products that are really going to deliver. You shouldn’t have to give up your limited packing space just to make sure you’ll have everything you need for the day. Conversely, you don’t need to skip your skincare routine on the road just because you don’t have space. In fact, ideally you can pack your skin care AND have space for a few souvenirs from your trip.

The secret is to find products that deliver a lot of value (and that come in relatively small packages).

Want to know which products are dermatologist-approved essentials for travel?

You’re in luck.

This month, we’ve asked the Houston Skin Associates and Adara Medical Spa teams to share their travel essentials checklist, so you know what the pros trust to keep their skin looking great throughout their vacations.

A lot of these are also multi-purpose products, so you can rest assured that you’re also saving space for those souvenirs. You won’t believe the makeup recommendation…it even surprised us with how versatile it is.


The Houston Skin Associates & Adara Medical Spa Travel Essentials:


Sunscreen: Because Nobody Likes a Wrinkle

No matter where you travel on this earth, you need to be mindful of sun exposure. That’s why almost every one of our Houston Skin team members had a sunscreen on their list of products they never travel without. If you’re planning a vacation filled with outdoor adventures, you’ll need sunscreen that stays on even when you sweat and swim.

Chelsea Barr loves Elta MD UV Daily Tinted for her face and EltaMD UV Sport is great for a day in the sun. If you love SkinCeuticals as much as we do, you’ll appreciate some of Gurjeet Basra’s and Dr. Sra’s favorites – SkinCeuticals SPF 50 Sunscreen for Body AND SkinCeuticals SPF 30 Sunscreen for Face. If you’re forever packing too much for your trips, save space by packing Dr. Wang’s favorite – Elta MD UV Shield Broad-Spectrum SPF 45. With its two bottles, it’s double duty for both your face and your body.

With one of these sunscreens in tow, you can be sure that while your vacation memories may last a lifetime, you won’t get any lifetime sun damage in the process.


Serum: Pack a Vitamin Punch

If you’re looking to pack a skin care product that packs a powerful punch, we recommend serums. Serums are great for delivering a high concentration of antioxidants and nutrients directly to your skin before you even moisturize. They are great for addressing specific skincare concerns, such as dryness, acne, dullness, and visible signs of aging. With so many active ingredients in a small package, our Houston Skin experts don’t travel without their favorites.

Both Dr. Robare and Gurjeet Basra swear by SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, a daytime vitamin C serum that brightens your skin and improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Chelsea Barr’s favorite, SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF, is a great daytime serum with both vitamin C and ferulic acid to even your skin one and protect your skin against free radicals in the environment throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a nighttime serum that is highly recommended by our team, SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E is the perfect addition to your carry-on. Dr. Wang, Dr. Sra, and Chelsea Barr all love how this product diminishes the visible signs of aging as well as supports their skin’s natural overnight repair process.

Trust us – bringing a serum along on your travels is packing a product chock-full of skin goodness. Don’t leave this one behind.


Moisturizer: Unless You Want Scaly Skin on Your Travels

The air circulating around your skin when you fly has a very low humidity and can therefore be very drying on your skin. To avoid having dry skin during your whole trip, it’s worth packing a moisturizer to keep your face, lips and hands smooth and hydrated.

To combat the dryness from your plane ride, Dr. Wang recommends packing Avene Thermal Spring Water, which is great for dry and sensitive skin, as well as Vaseline Lip Therapy Original Mini to keep your lips smooth and soft. For a budget-friendly buy that both moisturizes and helps to restore the protective barrier of your skin, try Dr. Tran’s favorite, CeraVe Cream. If you want to pack a multi-functional product, Dr. Robare recommends Hylatopic Plus Lotion for both soothing skin that becomes irritated on your travels and moisturizing your skin.

You’d be surprised how drying traveling can be. Don’t end up resenting your dry, scaly skin if you forget a moisturizer. It’s well worth the real estate in your makeup bag!


Cleanser: Shake Off the Dirt from the Road

When you’re traveling, you find yourself in new environments. As a result of using public transportation, flying in an airplane, hiking a new terrain, or even just lathering on sunscreen for a day in the sun, your skin may be dirtier during vacation than on a typical day at the office. To plan ahead, be sure to pack a gentle but effective cleanser that will lift dirt and impurities from your skin to minimize irritation and acne. Depending on the benefits your unique skin type needs, our dermatologists and physician assistants have some great recommendations.

If your skin is sensitive, try Dr. Sra’s favorite, the SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser (which can be found in our Houston Skin online store). Dr. Tran’s recommendation, the Cera Ve Hydrating Cleanser, is a lower budget option that is both great for cleansing your skin and also for hydrating and restoring your skin’s protective barrier. Another pick that you can find at your local drugstore is Chelsea Barr’s choice, the Vanicream Face Cleanser. This cleanser helps wash off makeup and dirt from your skin but will not dry your face.

If you have acne-prone skin, check out our online store to try the SkinCeuticals Clarifying Cleanser, Gurjeet Basra’s pick. This cleanser combines salicylic acid’s acne-fighting powers with exfoliation, helping to unclog pores that have become clogged throughout the day as well as buffing off dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin.

Deciding whether or not to pack a cleanser should be a no-brainer. Regularity is a big part of a skin care routine, so keep up your usual cleansing routine on your vacation.


Makeup: Seven Products in One

Earlier, we claimed that some of the recommended products are multifunctional. This one is that and then some. Dr. Robare’s favorite, the It! Cosmetics CC Cream, SPF 50, is SEVEN products in one. Yes, you read that right. This product truly packs a punch with seven different benefits – foundation, SPF, color correction, anti-aging serum, primer, concealer, and moisturizer.

If you are going on vacation, chances are that you’re going to be in some photos. It’s inevitable. If you’re looking for one product that will perfect your skin, this is it!


BONUS: Don’t Forget A Hat and Sunglasses

As always, Dr. Tyring (and all of our other dermatologists) recommend a hat and sunglasses to protect your skin as much as possible from the sun. Don’t forget this one!


We Hope You Have a Great Vacation!

With a small but mighty collection of products, you’ll be able to continue your skin care routine even on the go. To shop any of the products above, visit our Online Store or click the links above.

If you have any questions about specific products for our team, leave a comment below, and we’ll get you an answer! You can also call us directly at +1 346-299-3376 to learn more. Happy travels!

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