Your skin will thank you: 5 reasons you should drink more water

You know you should drink more water but no-one has ever given you a compelling reason to do so…until today!

In this post, we’ll give you 5 reasons why you should start drinking more water.

(Hint: Your skin benefits greatly when you drink more water.)

Let’s get down to it.


5 reasons you should drink more water

1.) Water detoxifies your body. Your kidneys are responsible for filtering the waste out of your body and disposing it in your urine. The more water you drink, the better your kidneys become at getting rid of this waste. Detoxifying your body has an impact on your skin and prevents toxins from damaging it.

2.) Water is super low on calories. This means you will not accumulate fat in places you don’t want to in the first place! Want to get rid of those stubborn fat cells that don’t want to go away despite your hard work? Ask us about this month’s coolsculpting treatment special.

3.) We mentioned that water detoxifies and thus is great at removing toxins that could damage your skin. Infusing your water with vitamin C-rich fruits like watermelon, limes, and lemons will supercharge your water so that your skin heals quicker when it gets wounded. Vitamin C is well-known in scientific literature to be essential in helping people heal from wounds faster.

4.) Want a natural way to stop wrinkles? Drink more water. When your body is dehydrated, your skin becomes dry, tight and flaky. Your skin cells also lose their turgidity or firmness. This then makes the skin more prone to wrinkling. Want to stop wrinkles in their tracks for as long as possible, drinking more water is a natural way to achieve that goal.

5.) Water boosts your brain health. Over 70% of our brain mass is made from water. Therefore drinking more water means you keep your brain healthy. Infuse your water with cucumber and you could be reducing your risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. In an interesting study by researchers at the renowned Salk Institute, scientists showed that giving mice an active ingredient in cucumber called fisetin reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Cucumber also contains minerals and vitamins that are great for your skin.

How about that? Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since we humans are made of 60% water, it is important that we replenish our bodies daily.

Water is low cost, low calorie and a very natural way to keep your skin healthy for a long time.

If you don’t enjoy the taste of water, you can make it better by infusing it with your favorite fruits or even drink sparkling water.

Whatever the case is, make sure you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day to reap the benefits.

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