The Future of Botox

For decades, millions of people have benefited from Botox injections. From Hollywood idols to your bestie from high school, people across the globe have utilized the benefits of this aesthetic wonder treatment. Not only is Botox highly effective at smoothing wrinkles and reducing fine lines, but Botox is used as a facial relaxation treatment which also aids in treating such disorders as eye-twitching, hyperhidrosis, and certain cases of Bell’s Palsy.

As amazing as Botox is, however, scientists have found a whole new possible use for the biology behind the world’s favorite toxin.

Recently, scientists found that a modified form of the effective ingredient in Botox was actually shown to act as a painkiller in an experiment.

Yes, you read that right.

In fact, the experimental formula was found to be possibly even more effective than common painkillers and worked for a far longer period of time. It appeared to be as effective in treating pain from an injury as it was inflammation as a result. Experiments are ongoing, but the initial results look promising.

While Botox had been used as a treatment for decreasing pain for migraine sufferers, this breakthrough represents a whole new realm of possibilities for the ingredient used in the popular dermal toxin. A Botox-based pain treatment could mean big things someday within the world of medicine. It could not only have fewer side effects and have a lower chance of addiction than opioid painkillers, but it could do so without losing any effectiveness.

It is unlikely you’d see this new formula used any time soon. Scientists are still in the beginning phases of testing this new use for botulinum and will further test to see if it could work for the general population. Nevertheless, scientists are optimistic. 

Although right now we’ll stick to using it to keep our skin looking young and smooth, we can’t wait to see what is on the horizon in Botox technology.

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