What Does a Clarifying Mask do?

What does a clarifying mask do for you?

In today’s post, you will learn what a clarifying mask does for you and how you can benefit from using a mask in your daily skin regimen. 

Most clarifying masks contain rare earth clays like kaolin and bentonite.

Kaolin and bentonite are both used in several applications. When they are used in clarifying masks, however, they help to do the following things.

  • Remove oil and impurities from your skin. Acne gets worse when there is excess oil and dirt on your skin. Removing these components reduces the likelihood of acne developing on your skin.
  • Kaolin and bentonite are both humectants. This means that they hold and retain moisture. Skin that is well moisturized is less likely to develop acne.
  • Because clay can be rough, kaolin and bentonite can also act as exfoliants to clear away dead and dull-looking skin.
  • The clay in clarifying masks also help to regulate the pH on your skin so that it is not out of balance.

Your clarifying mask may also contain sulfur.

Sulfur has been used to treat a number of skin and hair conditions for decades.

Sulfur helps to dry out the surface of your skin. Drying out your skin this way will help to rid your skin of excess oils that may contribute to acne breakouts. Sulfur will also get rid of dead skin cells and will help unclog your pores.

Thus, using a clarifying mask is an excellent extension to the treatment you will be getting with your acne kit.

We recommend that you use your mask one to three times per week to get the best results.

For severe acne, you could also use your clarifying mask daily.

And for non-acne sufferers, a clarifying mask will just make your weekly skin routine that much more enjoyable.

Long story short, you cannot go wrong getting a clarifying mask with your acne kit purchase this month.

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