Should You Sweat About Excessive Sweating?

As humans, things can get sweaty sometimes. Whether we just finished working out, are headed to an important job interview, or are trying to beat the Houston heat, perspiration is an important function of the body to naturally cool down.

Hold on. Is it possible to sweat TOO MUCH?

(The answer is yes.)


Excessive Sweating (Should I Worry?)

It is believed that about 3% of the US population suffers from a condition called “hyperhidrosis.” People who suffer from hyperhidrosis often suffer effects of sweat which are far more extreme than the rest of us. While we all can get annoyed at a pit stain here or there, it is entirely possible for overactive sweat glands to ruin clothes after being worn only once.

Hyperhidrosis is more than just an inconvenience. Beyond unsightly stains and smells, sufferers with overactive sweat glands in their hands may find it hard to grip everyday objects or operate a moving vehicle.


Do I have Hyperhidrosis?

These are some of the primary symptoms of people suffering from overactive sweat glands.

  • Sweat that soaks through clothing
  • Cold and/or wet palms and feet
  • Itchy or painful regions of skin
  • Consistent body odor


What can I do about overactive sweat glands?

While there are medications and antiperspirants that can help battle hyperhidrosis, there are few treatments more effective than MiraDry.

MiraDry uses electromagnetic energy to penetrate the skin right to the source of the excessive sweating. Using a process called thermolysis, MiraDry is able to eliminate the unneeded sweat glands without the need for medication or invasive procedures.

To learn more about how MiraDry works, we’d like to invite you to our MiraDry Fresh event on July 11th.

Not only will you get an up close view of MiraDry and how it works, but attendees will receive exclusive discounts on the procedure.

If you are constantly bothered by sweat and body odor, don’t sweat it There’s hope.

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