Our Best Chemical Peel Tips

Our Best Chemical Peel Tips:

What are some of our best tips when it comes to the before, during, and after of a chemical peel?

In today’s post, we’ll be spilling the tea on all things chemical peels. 

Before the procedure, it is normal to feel especially nervous if this is your first time. Don’t worry. Everyone in the office will be there to make sure you feel super comfortable before the procedure starts.
  1. After a chemical peel, you can expect your skin to continue peeling for a week. Don’t panic; this is normal. Don’t pull any skin off. We know it can be tempting! But leave the skin intact and allow it to fall off by itself.
  2. If you do pull off any skin, it can cause scarring and hyperpigmentation. This is another reason to leave the peeling skin alone.
  3. Use a gentle cleanser after a chemical peel. Because your skin is fragile after a chemical peel, this tip is important so you don’t damage your skin.
  4. After your chemical peel, we highly recommend using a hydrating gel or moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid or ceramides. Both of these ingredients boost the ability of your body to generate brand-new skin cells that will give you the fresh look you want. our Hydrating B5 Gel is excellent for this purpose.
  5. Make sure to continue wearing sunscreen during this period. Our recommendation would be to avoid the sun for a few days after your chemical peel. But we also know this is not always practical. Thus, make sure you are wearing sunscreen, hats and other protective clothing if you’ll be out in the sun.
  6. You might experience some swelling after a chemical peel. This is normal and not everyone experiences it. However, if you do, you can use a product like our Phyto Corrective Gel to help with the swelling. 
  7. Get enough sleep. Beauty sleep is not a thing of fairy tales. When you get enough sleep, you reduce inflammation and stress; both of which have a negative impact on your skin. Getting enough sleep will help you get adequate rest so that your body can produce new skin cells.

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