Menjections: The Lip Filler Revolution for Men

The definition for what is “masculine” is rapidly changing. This day and age, more than any before, men are enhancing their look by engaging in activities which previously were purely viewed as feminine. A steadily increasing number of men get routine manicures, practically all waxing bars prominently offer men’s waxing services right next to those for women, and soap brands such as Dove and Irish Spring continue to make millions from male-branded facial creams and moisturizers.

As society continues to push for body positivity and acceptance the “manscape” continues to change. The musky, hairy men of the past are finding themselves increasingly emboldened to try new experiences which, in the past, would force them to surrender their “man card.”

However, there is one growing men’s cosmetic trend that, even in 2018, many might find surprising.

That trend is something called “menjections.”


Why “menjections”?

Male lip fillers (manjections) are becoming increasingly popular among populations of men.

These, of course, are the same temporary lip augmentation procedures that have been popular among women for decades, but the appeal of full, supple lips seems to be crossing gender lines.

Initially one wouldn’t think that plump, voluptuous lips would be something that most men covet. (A majority of men aren’t trying to have a “voluptuous” anything.) Male beauty is typically based upon firmness and angles, which doesn’t really mesh with the general perception of fillers as making one’s lips supple and plump. If anything, the perception of male cosmetic surgery is for making things firmer and more powerful-looking.

But the fact, is dermal filler technology is constantly evolving. Not only is the process much safer than it used to but it’s also more dynamic.

Volbella is a great example of the technological advances in dermal filler developments. While popular fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane are primarily used to increase fullness. Volbella primarily decreases wrinkles and treats perioral lines (lines around the lips.) Depending on your ideal lip shape there are various different methods and products that can be used to give you your perfect lips.So, what DO men want?

Although every man is different, in our society male beauty is largely determined by distinctive features and definition. Everywhere you look you can find products marketed to men to help increase muscle definition. Hollywood leading men almost exclusively have strong jawlines and powerful chins. The fact is, if your lips are thin or undefined they can bring negative attention to those attributes. Having a fuller, more defined bottom lip can help highlight the mouth and give men a more defined facial profile. What do YOU think?

Would having fuller, pouty lips make a guy more kissable?

Are you a guy who wants to learn more about what lip fillers could do for your look?

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