Preparing for Your Microneedling Treatment

From our 20th birthday on, the average person loses about 2% of their collagen (the natural substance that keeps your skin smooth) a year. Environmental and health factors such as UV exposure and dehydration can increase that percentage exponentially.

But if you’ve scheduled a microneedling treatment this month you’re in luck!

Microneedling is the process of creating tiny micro-injuries in your subdermal layer of skin. These injuries cause your body to regrow the collagen that is lost in the aging process and provides a natural way of reducing wrinkles.

In this blog, we’re going to tell you what you need to do to get ready and have the best treatment possible.


Step 1: Clean and Inspect the Area

Use a light facial cleanser to wash your face. Remember to check for any cuts or blemishes that may have come up after your initial appointment. If there does appear to be a possibly trouble area tell your doctor will let you know if it is better to reschedule your treatment.


Step 2: Take your Before Pics

Probably the most exciting part of the Skin Pen microneedling procedure is getting to see the vast difference in your skin tone and smoothness. Make sure you snap some pics of your face before the treatment so you can compare.


Step 3: Let Your Aesthetician Work Their Magic

Our staff are experts when it comes to microneedling. The design of the skin pen allows them to apply the treatment to all needed areas. Our estheticians are highly trained. Not only will they be able to answer any questions you have before the procedure, but they will take you through the microneedling process with little discomfort and almost no downtime.


Step 4: Take it Easy for a Couple of Days

To prevent pain or irritation we usually recommend about 72 hours of rest. That means avoiding direct sunlight when possible and taking a break from any rigorous cardio that might cause excess sweating. Giving your face the time it needs to recover will yield the most noticeable results.


Step 5: Check Before & After

You made it! Now it’s time to compare your new, naturally smooth complexion to your first photo!


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