“My 12 year old daughter was sad, anxious, angry, withdrawn and detached. Our relationship was full of tension and negativity. After eight sessions with Sian, she is now energetic, optimistic, confident, helpful & much more relaxed & cheerier. Our relationship is happy now, so much more peaceful and enjoyable. I am so grateful for what Sian has given us.”  Rebecca

“I’d been too scared & depressed to get out of bed. Since getting Sian’s help, I bounce out of bed each day – happy and full of energy. I used to be really wound up, anxious and on edge all the time.  Now I am much more relaxed and I think a lot about all the good things in my life.” Joan. 

“I was referred to Sian because I was scared of everything, everyone; the whole world, my own shadow, even my own footprints. Because of my anxiety I had been too scared to drive outside my own suburb for 16 years. After six sessions with Sian my anxiety got so much better I started forgetting I ever had it. Now I feel fearless, happy, confident & relaxed & I can drive myself anywhere I want.” Janice

 “I have referred many patients to Sian with excellent results. She has helped many of my patients to overcome their anxiety & depression, to become more relaxed & happier. I have seen her counselling make a big difference.” 

Dr Matthew Moore

My 9 years old daughter was referred to Sian to help with my separation from her father; she was obsessed with trying to get us back together. She could be very challenging and stubborn. Sian was very patient. She used a range of different approaches, until my daughter finally started seeing some positives. Sian helped her to feel more hopeful, confident, happy and secure. N.O.  

“I had been really stressed and was stuck in a cycle of grief and negative thinking after my wife’s death. in two sessions Sian helped me to turn things around. She helped me find peace of mind, clarity, strength, insight and courage. I learnt a lot from her. She helped me deal with all I had gone through and to start to to let it go.” Paul.

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