5 Tips for Protecting Fair Skin on St. Patrick’s Day


This Saturday is St. Patrick’s day, the day for celebrating everything Irish!

Irish-Americans have helped shape many aspects of our culture. From dance and literature, to food and sports, much of the nations most celebrated institutions are unmistakably Irish. One of the most noticeable influences is the classic Irish skin type.

Many people of Irish descent have skin with fair complexions and a small to moderate amount of freckles. While this skin type is most commonly associated with red-hair, a large portion of blondes and brunettes also have complexions reminiscent of the Emerald Isle.

FUN FACT: Less than 1% of the Earth’s population has red hair, but Ireland’s population is over 10% natural redheads.

Being a fair-skinned lass, can be a pain in the…neck

You should love your classically Celtic complexion, but let’s get real. Occasionally you might feel like a Gaelic ghost. Because people with fair skin have the least amount of melanin pigment, they are more apt to skin damage caused by the sun. This skin type is also prone to rosacea and certain types of skin cancer. Yikes.

Sometimes taking care of fair skin in Houston can be no picnic (literally.)

That’s why we compiled our top five tips for protecting pale skin.

5 Tips for Protecting Fair Skin

1. So NO to Tanning Beds – Nearly everywhere you look there are specialty salons providing tanning services. Just say no! While tanning beds can be a fun recreation for some people, there are and have always been dangers. Those dangers are much worse for people with fair skin. Avoid the beds altogether and opt for a rejuvenating moisturizer. This will help keep your skin youthful the healthy way and bring out your beautiful, natural skin tone.

(your skin and bank account will thank you.)

2. Stay Sun-Conscious – Many people with fair complexions might think the sun is their enemy, but that’s not the case. In fact, bodies with pale skin usually produce Vitamin D from sunlight at a quicker rate than bodies with other skin types. You can still have fun in the sun, just stay sun-conscious. Wear an SPF 15 sunscreen in your regular skincare regimen and carry an SPF 30 sunscreen in case you happen to engage in outdoor activities. Always make sure you have access to shade or head indoors to avoid over exposure.

3. Accessorize! #hatseason –
While wearing a basic sunscreen on your face is important, nothing beats the added protection of wearing a hat. Sunhats, cute caps, stylish panamas; not only will you add extra protection from UV rays, but you’ll look super-cute too.

4. Free Radicals? Not Rad!
Free radicals are the toxic particles that cause and intensify skin disease. The way we fight them is with little lifesavers called antioxidants we get from a healthy diet. While it’s important for everyone to get plenty of antioxidants it’s vital for people with fair skin. Check out our previous blog to check out some yummy foods you can incorporate into your diet to help your body get the antioxidants it needs.

5. Regular skin check-ups
It’s important to schedule regular check-ups. What looks like just a freckle or blemish could turn out to be something more serious. The friendly and professional doctors at Houston Skin Associates are leaders in dermatological medicine and are ready to help you keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Click here to learn about scheduling a consultation at any of our Houston area locations.

Now that you know how to protect your fair complexion from the sun it’s time to go out and celebrate. it’s time to find some friends, grab a pint, and go out this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day!

Click here for more information on fun St. Patrick’s happenings in the Downtown, Cypress, and Clear Lake, and Pearland area.

5 Tips For Protecting Fair Skin on St. Patrick’s Day

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