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Should You Sweat About Excessive Sweating?

As humans, things can get sweaty sometimes. Whether we just finished working out, are headed to an important job interview, or are trying to beat the Houston heat, perspiration is an important function of the body to naturally cool down. Hold on. Is it possible to sweat TOO MUCH? (The answer is yes.)   Excessive […]
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Skin Care Travel Essentials Our Team Can’t Live Without

Need to pare down your skin care routine for easier travel? There’s something about summer that gives you wanderlust. Whether you want to stroll through an old European city’s gorgeous architecture, sail through the Caribbean on a cruise line without a care in the world, or fly across the globe to discover a new adventure, […]
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Melanoma Awareness Month – 5 Key Facts

May is National Melanoma Awareness Month. You most likely have heard of melanoma and know it’s a health risk, but many people aren’t aware of how deadly melanoma really is. This month we take a hard look at one of the most lethal forms of cancer. We’ve compiled a list of 5 key facts which […]
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Managing Rosacea Flare-Ups – Rosacea Awareness Month

Rosacea Awareness Month This month we recognize a widespread disease that is highly visible, but also misunderstood by most… …Rosacea. April is Rosacea Awareness Month and the NRS (National Rosacea Society) estimates that over 16 million people suffer from this painful and unsightly disease. More than just facial inflammation, rosacea affects victims in many ways. […]
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Here is what you should know about laser hair removal

In the quest for smooth, hair-free skin, laser hair removal has emerged as a game-changer. It’s more than just a beauty treatment; it’s a revolution in the world of grooming. But what exactly is laser hair removal, and why is it gaining so much popularity?   In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you […]
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How do antioxidants REALLY work?

During the last decade, every company that can, has told us their product contains antioxidants as a way to get us to buy. It must be helpful or else so many companies would not talk about it. But what does it really do? In this post, you will learn what antioxidants are. You will also […]
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How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost in Houston, TX?

One of the most common questions we receive when it comes to lip fillers is: How much do lip fillers cost in Houston, TX? Most patients want an average cost, so that they can know what to expect before visiting us. At Houston Skin Associates, we love keeping you happy by always sharing updates on […]
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5 Tips For Protecting Fair Skin on St. Patrick’s Day

This Saturday is St. Patrick’s day, the day for celebrating everything Irish! Irish-Americans have helped shape many aspects of our culture. From dance and literature, to food and sports, much of the nations most celebrated institutions are unmistakably Irish. One of the most noticeable influences is the classic Irish skin type. Many people of Irish […]
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